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Non-Invasive Colorectal Cancer Screening

Date: Nov. 8th

Colorectal Cancer is one of most common types of cancer in Hong Kong.

Recently I have been interviewed regarding options for screening and preventive measures against the colorectal cancer. Also worth sharing is that there is now a non-invasive screening available that can assess the risk level of colorectal cancer.

Here is the written article (in Cantonese) about colorectal cancer and the non-invasive test: Link and Screen Capture

This interview has been conducted in Cantonese. If you prefer more information in English, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Recent Publication:

New Safety update about Study Vaccines

Date: Sept 19th

Please feel free to share this new publication from HKU Med regarding New Safety Update about Study Vaccines (mRNA vaccines and myocarditis/pericarditis)

HKU COVID Study on Teens Update

Date: Sept 18th

So just come back from the third or fourth blood draw as a participant of the HKU COVID study on teens.  Had a chance to have an informal chat with Professor Lau who's been spearheading all of this research and working tirelessly for the last five months and wanted to share with you the main points gleaned from him.

It's been announced that teens in HK only need one shot of Biontech. Why? Well their research has shown that the antibody response in teenagers is both good and fairly long lasting.  Myocarditis rates though low (one in a few thousand), were higher than expected, approximately 80% of this side effect occurs after the 2nd dose and 80% of the time in boys.  So one dose generally provides good enough protection whilst minimising the risk of myocarditis.

HKU COVID Study: Protection level

Date: Sept 18th

Another update I wanted to share after my informal chat with Professor Lau is that the vaccine protective effect remains high. Although with the delta variant, protection levels with BioNTech are not in the 97% range. Still the protective levels are in the high 80% and that is really reassuring after all these months tracking the antibody response to the spike protein. We can see that after many months, the protection levels remain high for those who have had BioNTech. 

What about those who've had Sinovac and would their levels dropped to an undetectable level? Does that mean they no longer have protection? The research laboratories can track the t-cell response and it seems that the t-cell response (which is another part of our immune system) is quite robust. For those who have had Sinovac vaccine, that should be reassuring too.