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We are here for you.


At H3 Medical Clinic, your well-being is our highest priority. We care for you by providing detailed diagnosis and treatment when you are not feeling well.


We walk with you when you need the support.

We also believe in preventative care, and keep up-to-date on the latest health measures so we can accurately advise on appropriate screening, counselling and tests.

Come and have a chat with Dr. Rebecca Lau and the nursing team to explore how we can accompany you on your health journey.


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Travel PCR & RAT


Sinovac is available at H3 Medical.

And Travel PCR and RAT testing are also available at H3 Medical.

Please contact our nursing team to arrange. 

New Antibody Test Differentiate Infection from Vaccination

For those who were vaccinated with BioNTech, a new antibody test now available that can differentiate infection from vaccination.


Please contact our nursing team to arrange.